15+ Pets Who Were Given the Ability to Brighten Up Your Day

2 years ago

Pets are amazing for many reasons, but one of the best ones is that they can always make you feel better and put a smile on your face. You don’t even need to have a pet in order for that to happen — you could just look at pictures online and enjoy many accompanying health benefits. Whether the pics are goofy or just sweet, the one thing they have in common is that we can never have enough and we’ll always need more of them.

Just in case you haven’t consumed your daily dose of sweetness, Bright Side is ready to make a big contribution toward your better mood with 19 delightful pictures of pets.

1. “When nervous, she usually puts a paw on my foot for support. Here, she was formally introduced to someone new.”

2. Showing its little teeth to look both adorable and menacing

3. “My cat gave birth to this small criminal and is illegally harboring him in her nest.”

4. “They actually fight each other 23 hours a day. Catching them like this was a proud mom moment.”

5. Who needs a cup of coffee when there’s a cup of kitty.

6. They look like they’re awkwardly laughing at a bad joke.

7. “A friend is babysitting my dog and sent me this — he seems happy at least, right?”

8. “This is Stormy. She has thumbs.”

9. “Daisy looks so proud of her cake!”

10. “His adoption fee was discounted because he only has 3 legs.”

11. “Loki was super happy today — it was his first time in the forest.”

12. “A little cutie who is only 33 days old”

13. “I’ve been feeding this stray cat in my complex for about a month. This morning, I was greeted by her doing this.”

14. “My cat and I are both blind in one eye. We are a matching pair.”

15. “Ladybird does ’pretty girls, ugly faces’.”

16. “Say cheese!”

17. “I asked if he was hungry.”

18. “She’s a professional hand devourer.”

19. “I don’t remember getting a third guinea pig...”

What’s the one picture of your pet that never fails to make you smile and put you in a good mood? Let’s all share them and contribute to having a better day full of smiles!

Preview photo credit Rocky_W**** / reddit


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