16 Photos Where People’s Routines Were Spiced Up by the Unexpected

2 years ago

As we get older, our time perception speeds up, and it seems like 2010 was just 2 or 3 years ago. Yet, there are some things out there that can really have an impact on our everyday lives. Some of us are lucky to find things that are instantly engraved in our memories, or just curious stuff that makes us stop and stare.

Bright Side found 16 photos that were taken absolutely by chance, no staging involved.

1. “I have a really square head.”

2. “My leopard gecko shed a tiny glove.”

3. “Came across a typewriter for writing music.”

4. “I was at Best Buy, and there was a puppy sleeping in one of the carts.”

5. “My parents’ contractor found some random steps when they dug up their back garden for house renovation.”

6. “I drove by a dramatic scene from Toy Story.”

7. “How the snow lined up on my handrail after melting”

8. “Just found a strangely round cloud.”

9. “A defensive tree in my neighborhood, no idea what kind it is but you wouldn’t want to run into it!”

10. “The way the snow is melting on this bench”

11. “Colors from everyone’s clothes reflected on the plane.”

12. “Mama toad and her family”

13. “This squirrel eating a slice of pizza”

14. “Came home today and found this bird on my balcony chair, fully equipped with a nest and egg.”

15. “Found a whole potato in my sour cream and onion chip bag.”

16. “A vine grew around this little tree and the tree absorbed it, making it look like a snake had woven itself around the tree.”

What was your routine spiced up with? How often do you find unusual things?

Preview photo credit jeusee / Reddit, boopdogg / Reddit


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