16 Pics We Went Cross-Eyed Over Trying to Decipher

year ago

Sometimes our cameras like to play pranks on us. They can distort reality, so one second you’re looking at something, and the next, you have to do a double-take and analyze what it is you just saw. And this makes for some humorous pictures, which are sometimes extremely fascinating.

Here at Bright Side, we enjoy a good detective challenge, and these pictures might just test your eyes.

1. “My husband has really, really short legs.”

2. “I found a 2-headed duck!”

3. “A building near my house looks like a wall.”

4. “Mirror or window?”

5. “Floating trailer”

6. “A dog-chicken centaur”

7. “My left hand is built different.”

8. Is he inside or beside the car?

9. “Weird headless creature, or a dog enjoying the start of spring?”

10. “Is the pole going through the table?”

11. “Which paw goes with which leg?”

12. “These stairs at a restaurant I went to look like a painting.”

13. “The dunes of Namibia on a duvet cover”

14. These reflections on a glass building

15. This roof that extends for way too long

16. “Transparent mountains”

Which of the pictures above messed with your eyesight the most?

Preview photo credit Theskinilivein / Reddit


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