16 Pics We Went Cross-Eyed Over Trying to Decipher

2 years ago

Sometimes our cameras like to play pranks on us. They can distort reality, so one second you’re looking at something, and the next, you have to do a double-take and analyze what it is you just saw. And this makes for some humorous pictures, which are sometimes extremely fascinating.

Here at Bright Side, we enjoy a good detective challenge, and these pictures might just test your eyes.

1. “My husband has really, really short legs.”

2. “I found a 2-headed duck!”

3. “A building near my house looks like a wall.”

4. “Mirror or window?”

5. “Floating trailer”

6. “A dog-chicken centaur”

7. “My left hand is built different.”

8. Is he inside or beside the car?

9. “Weird headless creature, or a dog enjoying the start of spring?”

10. “Is the pole going through the table?”

11. “Which paw goes with which leg?”

12. “These stairs at a restaurant I went to look like a painting.”

13. “The dunes of Namibia on a duvet cover”

14. These reflections on a glass building

15. This roof that extends for way too long

16. “Transparent mountains”

Which of the pictures above messed with your eyesight the most?

Preview photo credit Theskinilivein / Reddit


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