15 People Share Photos of Their Unexpected Findings

2 years ago

Every now and then, our mind craves to be amazed and even a little startled. We might be thrift shopping and suddenly spot a hairy Barbie doll that we’re supposed to shave. Or be surprised by a very flexible goat sharing our Airbnb space. Thanks to their uniqueness, these finds feed our imagination and might even act as a source of inspiration.

Bright Side considers these things that stand out to be special gems that need to be valued. We will be sharing with you some peculiar sights that made our jaws drop to the ground.

1. Found a ’’Shave & Play’’ doll.

2. ’’Inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry.’’

3. ’’I found this crazy icicle connected to a small hole in the metal handrail.’’

4. ’’Hiking through the woods on a hot day, came across this oasis.’’

5. ’’This fox I encountered on my school’s campus.’’

6. ’’I came across this tree while walking through a forest in Japan.’’

7. ’’I thought it was a backpack at first.’’

8. ’’We found a secret recording device under the break room table at work.’’

9. ’’A giant iridescent blue worm I came across while hiking in Vietnam.’’

10. ’’This red box hidden in a tree-hole has a heart drawn on it, with a note inside.’’

11. ’’I found this car in Hollywood.’’

12. ’’I went for a nice drive to get my mind off of finals and this is what I came across.’’

13. ’’When you like your trunk so much you get a second one.’’

14. ’’As I was waiting to pick up my luggage from the airport I witnessed this peculiar sight.’’

15. Our Airbnb has a goat. She is very flexible.

Are you good at spotting things that look special? Do you believe that the Universe is sending us a message when it puts one-of-kind looking things on our way?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit WeEndedTheWorld/Reddit


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