15 Times People Experienced Something That Could Become a Hit Story

2 years ago

Creativity, ingenuity, and personal flavor — in our humble opinion, these are some of the boxes that must be checked for some piece of art or media to become a hit. Well, we’ve gathered some pictures that absolutely got those. Tighten your seatbelts because we are going to give you a thrill ride through the Internet and some of the most fascinating user pictures you can find there.

Bright Side wants to present you with 15 pictures that have that special “oomph” to become the next big thing on the Internet.

1. “I scratched my cornea.”

2. “A Portuguese man o’ war stinging tentacle wrapped around my ankle”

3. “My gardening tool kit came with a claw glove.”

4. “I forgot about the potatoes and they sprouted.”

5. “This bird laid an egg on my window sill.”

6. “My boyfriend’s plant is growing sprouting plants on its leaf.”

7. “A double banana I found”

8. “This bird poo on my windshield casts a very bird-shaped shadow.”

9. “This morning, I found a very round egg.”

10. “Sahara dust over Switzerland’s ski regions”

11. “This leaking can of sealant that was left under our sink”

12. “A tiny pomegranate from my mom’s bonsai pomegranate tree”

13. When you drive to work, and a fishy boy pulls up

14. “A difference of just 5 days — mourning dove babies grow so quickly.”

15. “The shadow of this sign looks like a musical note.”

Have you ever captured something that could become a hit while you were minding your business? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit Shpongle*** / Imgur


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