15+ Fathers Who Proved That Being a Parent Is an Award in Itself

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3 years ago

Dads are important and deserve appreciation. About 85% of fathers say that being a parent is the best job in the world. And this job has a reward that you feel when your little kid grabs your finger or when you get a postcard with the words, “I love you, Daddy.”

We at Bright Side are grateful for everything that our parents give us with no strings attached and want to share 15+ pics of the best moments of fatherhood with you.

1. “I told my daughter if she leaves her stuff in the living room, I’m going to try it on.”

2. “The best thing I’ve ever done”

3. “I never imagined life could be so joyful.”

4. “I worried before he was born that I wouldn’t feel like a dad right away. But it hit me like a train as soon as I saw him.”

5. “My construction worker kept the nail art that his 4-year-old daughter gave him.”

6. “Despite the odds that I’d be a fraternal twin, I graduated with fraternal twins.”

7. “Just my daughter and me, dancing in the rain!”

8. “I’m too cheap to buy rewards but this deserves one.”

9. “The first pic is of my dad and me in 1990. The second is us with my son — same house, same spot.”

10. “When you’re balding but your daughter wants to do your hair”

11. “Home for the next 4 weeks with my 3-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, and newborn son.”

12. “27 years between these photos of my daughter and me. She is now a lady and I’m still in the military.”

13. “Surrounded by women his whole life and now he finally has the sons he’s always asked for.”

14. “First time cutting my son’s hair”

15. “Today I found my reason why.”

16. “Hopefully my little Caden will play this guitar someday too.”

What’s your most memorable moment involving your father? Do you have a picture of it? Please share it with us!


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