15 Times the Universe Pulled a Prank on People

2 years ago

Having a dog eat your homework or losing your brand new lost-item tracker, these stories seem straight out of a sitcom, but they actually happened to different people. It took a fair amount of bad luck, of course, but sometimes the odds are just stacked against you.

Bright Side searched on Reddit for those whose day didn’t turn out as they had planned.

1. “This guy on my 9-hour flight just plugged these in once they turned off the lights.”

2. “My friend got her license renewed and this is her temporary permit.”

3. “When your keys conspire against you in your pocket.”

4. “My burger had a bug baked into the bun.”

5. “My best calligraphy up to now is misspelled.”

6. “Take a wild guess as to what’s not under this big blue sign.”

7. “This parking lot at my grandparents’ house.”

8. “A student handed this in today.”

9. “My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning.”

10. “Now my bedroom smells like a night club.”

11. “A big box to make it seem like there’s more.”

12. “My son won this as a prize in math class a while back. It used to say ’Be a Problem Solver.’”

13. “Someone managed to lose their new box of lost-item trackers.”

14. “That time I went to London and finally got to see Big Ben.”

15. “Accidentally dropped a tuna can in my sink.”

Do you consider yourself a lucky or unlucky person? We’d love to see your own pics and tales in the comments, so don’t be shy!

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Preview photo credit afrikinboulos / Reddit


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