18 Funny and Slightly Embarrassing Things We All Did as Kids

3 years ago

Don’t you think that childhood is a magical time? When nostalgia strikes, it’s a pleasure to remember certain fun little habits we (almost) all had when we were kids. These included talking in front of the fan to make it sound as if you were “a robot” or cutting your dolls’ hair. These are habits are pretty common when we are kids. But now, many years later, when we’ve grown into responsible and serious adults, we can’t help but wonder, what we were thinking when doing those things.

That’s why Bright Side went down memory lane and listed 18 funny habits that many of us had during childhood and that don’t make much sense today. Can you relate to any of these? Enjoy!

1. Admit it: Your eraser had a lot of holes in it too. We’re not even wondering where they came from because we did the same thing.

2. The challenge used to be very interesting.

3. Only those of us who were children in the ’80s and ’90s can understand what this image means.

4. Did you also try to push down all the colors at the same time? Never worked!

5. The watch drawn on with a marker was a classic among children.

6. You probably did this when you were a child too.

7. Who has never tried to erase what they wrote with ink using the blue part of that strange eraser that was supposed to work like a charm but actually just tore the sheet of paper?

8. This “robot voice” could keep us entertained for hours.

9. Did you ever cut the hair on your doll’s head? Regret was almost instant...

10. Did you also pull the 2 parts of the cookie apart to eat only the filling? If so, high-5 🙌. We did that all the time too!

11. When we would see a scale, we would immediately try to weigh our hand, arm, etc.

12. Let us take a guess: When drawing a house, did you always draw the sun in the corner of the sheet?

13. An overwhelming desire to pop that strangely tight plastic

14. Another almost overwhelming desire to create “art”

15. It was enough to sit on a couple of stacked chairs to feel like kings and queens.

16. An inescapable challenge for (almost) all children: trying to “balance” the switch in the middle

17. Pull all your hair forward, put on some glasses... and what’s the next step? Find someone to scare, of course. 😅

18. Something embarrassing that many of us did, but few of us will admit to: running after turning off the lights so as not to be caught by a “monster” in the hallway.

Could you relate to any of these illustrations? Do you recall any other examples of the things you did as a kid? Let us know in the comments.


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Everyone knows you have to run after you turn on the light I'm 13 and still do my fam thinks I'm nuts.


Even my 26moon old loves going up slides. Its one of those rare unspoken universal things.


من دهه 70 هستم و تمام آنها را انجام داده ام


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