18 Seemingly Simple Things That Hide a True Secret

2 years ago

Surprises can be found even in the most ordinary things. Internet users prove this idea when they reveal the unusual features they’ve found in seemingly ordinary clothing and accessories.

We at Bright Side love it when we find a mystery or when there’s a story behind a piece of clothing. “Live” gloves with grass growing out of them and an interesting addition to a jacket that was worn during the Olympics — you will find these things in our compilation. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus: a doctors’ invention for little patients.

“My brother was joking about how he dresses like a 5-year-old. Then he found this.”

“Vest I just got from the thrift store had a shriveled clementine with a face drawn on in its pocket.”

“My dad bought me an electric vest to keep me warm at sea.”

“My friends’ giant pocket”

“The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet.”

“My pants have instructions.”

“Took a flash photo of my boyfriend in a reflective jacket.”

“The fabric from a shirt at a thrift store is the same as my scrunchie.”

“The tread on these funky thrift store shoes”

“The Olympic jacket I got at a thrift store had the original owners’ I.D. badge inside one of the pockets.”

“There were also tickets for the opening ceremony, plane tickets, and stickers.”

Foxtails sprouting on work gloves left in the rain”

“The name label on my daughter’s new jacket has room for 3 successive owners.”

This jacket has emergency contact numbers on the inside.

“My boyfriend’s workout pants spell ‘Wombat’ at the seam.”

“I got a cool looking safety pin on some clothes I got for Christmas.”

  • Knitters love these. We refer to them as “lightbulb” shaped, and use them to stitch markers! © zopea / Reddit

“The ski jacket I’ve had since ’97 has a spot for that ’80s portable house phone.”

“This T-shirt says ‘Made in Bangladesh’ on the back but ‘Made in India’ on the label.”

“Found a pair of earrings at Goodwill that perfectly match the pattern of my dress.”

Bonus: The NICU at the hospital has masks with mouth windows so the babies can see your expressions.

When was the last time you found something unusual about your clothing?

Preview photo credit JohnIsaName / Reddit


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