15 Awkward Walmart Situations We Wish We Hadn’t Seen

2 years ago

Sometimes it seems that certain people live only for themselves, forgetting about moral and social rules. They follow their own understanding of personal comfort, either confronting or ignoring their surroundings. Whether that’s shown by a half-eaten chicken left in a cart or people resting their butts on products in the produce section, the situations shown in this article could make anyone go crazy.

We at Bright Side collected 15 awkward things and people saw at Walmart that we wish we could see way less of in life.

1. A woman resting her butt right on the apples.

2. People that leave their trash wherever they want

3. How to make everyone around you feel awkward.

4. People who find it extremely hard to take a dirty diaper to a garbage can

5. Those who bite through yogurt covers and put them back into the fridge at supermarkets

6. Whoever stole this knob from Pac-Man

7. People who throw protein shakes (and other drinks) in the freezers

8. Those who wear items for sale without buying them

9. Those who steal the wheels off carts

10. Drivers that park without thinking about other customers

11. ...as well as put things on the shelves

12. Half-eaten leftover pasta is also on the list.

13. Blue men

14. As well as people who leave fitting rooms like this...

15. These ladies climbing into the fridge instead of calling someone to help

Do you think there’s a way to correct the behavior of other people or is it something we have to put up with? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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If Walmart would put more benches all around the store it sure would help us if we need a rest..Also more trash cans around the store couldn't hurt....I thought walmart had cameras everywhere so that guy eating chicken in the store should have been caught way before he ate all that much..Plus the lady with the bread should have been charged . Get your people working walmart this needs to stop it costs money and the customers always have to pay more when their store gets robbed like these...


this is literally why i have stereotype on western being a rude person and have no manner. at least now i change a little bit by bit. these things at walmarts and those things happened while purchasing online at amazon.


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