20 Times Nature Proved It Can Still Spice Up Your Day With Unusual Things

2 years ago

If a frog jumped out from a drain in your bathroom, it may not just surprise you but fully shock you. Nature has many things that suddenly can make your world more unpredictable and exciting. If you ever start getting bored with things, just look around and you will notice stuff that can brighten your day.

We at Bright Side can never get enough of wondrous nature and are sharing 20 new curious photos that can make your day.

1. “My drain was blocked so I pulled it up and a frog came out.”

2. “My yard has a mole problem, but I never thought I’d find an albino! Chance of 1:100,000.”

3. This mean dog.

4. “I traced around my vitiligo spots.”

5. “I’m so disturbed yet also intrigued.”

6. “My first bioluminescent (glowing) beetle pupa hatched yesterday.”

7. Banana van Gogh

8. “MB almost fully devoured by 2 trees.”

9. “I found a tiny snail climbing a thread of spider silk outside my house.”

10. “This wolf footprint I found last summer near a local forest”

11. “I had the privilege of watching 2 baby hummingbirds grow up in my backyard from jellybean eggs to independent birds.”

12. “I saw this beauty on our walk tonight.”

13. “This hideously cute frogfish I saw today at the pet store”

14. “A giant mushroom found deep in a Florida swamp”

15. “A tree eating my child”

16. “It looks like we cracked an egg that contained an egg that contained an egg.”

17. “My fern looks like a tarantula.”

18. “An orange that looks like a pumpkin”

19. “The railings at my apartment make this really cool shadow.”

20. “How the road crud froze on my car — zoom in for full effect.”

What pic did you like the most and why? How often do you notice things that surprise you?


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2, 5, 6, 9 & 15 there are too many good ones to choose..arggghhh..lol


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