21 Pictures That Prove the Universe Will Always Find a Way to Surprise Us

2 years ago

You may have witnessed a strange phenomenon at some point in your life, known as a one-time occurrence, but never got around to taking a picture of it to share with your friends. Several users were lucky enough to have this special moment occur right when they had their phone cameras on and were able to upload them to the Internet to ask the community for an answer to their bewilderment.

At Bright Side, we compiled some photos that captured very strange and hard-to-explain situations.

1. “This cookie wrapper shows a date that doesn’t exist.”

2. “Was toasting some sesame seeds and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared!”

3. “I found conjoined twin cantaloupes at the farmers market.”

4. “The way the ice froze on top of my car”

5. “The shadow on my wall makes my lamp look like it’s on.”

6. “This vending machine has an incredible number of drinks stuck.”

7. “The side of my house that doesn’t get much sun left a line dividing snow and ice.”

8. “Atmospheric conditions turn outdoor lights into illuminated pillars!”

9. “This tree I saw on a hike today was bent at a nearly perfect 45-degree angle.”

10. “The way the recent freeze affected my neighbor’s lawn”

11. “Why is it that they break here, and the ’tear here’ never works?”

12. “The way these crystals formed on my windshield”

13. “Someone please explain how THIS happened, it’s been snowing all day, about 35 cm on the ground.”

14. “Laundry lint levitating — static electricity?”

15. “The light came through the window in my basement, reflecting off the fan and a curved part of my treadmill.”

“I think it’s pretty cool. It disappeared a couple of minutes after, I was lucky to see it.”

16. When a spider web freezes and looks like an ornament of lights:

17. “The marks left by pasta in my pot after sitting for a while”

18. “The way these ice cubes arranged themselves in the cup”

19. “This pencil that went through the laundry”

20. “Picked up an old clam beside a lake in South Australia and found a small colony of plants inside living off of the nutrients.”

21. “In 32 years, it’s my first time seeing a cloud like this.”

What similar situations have you experienced but didn’t get to take a photo? Share your experience in the comments.


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