16 Genius Everyday Life Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

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2 years ago

Life hacks are supposed to make our lives easier. But sometimes, it’s quite hard to find really good ideas. Some tips and tricks from the Internet seem like nonsense at first. But once you try them, you just can’t understand how you ever lived without them.

We at Bright Side love making our everyday lives easier, so we always test even the strangest life hacks. In today’s compilation, we have some tips that we found online as well as some tricks from our coworkers.

If you don’t have double-sided tape, you can replace it with a band-aid.

In order to make double-sided tape from a bandaid, just roll it like in the picture above and stick it to the surface. You can connect broken toy parts or even hang a painting like this: you just need more band-aid pieces.

The author of this article has used this trick in art school and still uses it today.

If you have wobbly furniture, put a coin under the leg. Coins are solid, so this solution is more reliable.

You can eliminate the running water noise in the sink and the pipes using a car vibration isolator.

You can buy such an isolator in a car shop. You can use it to reduce the noise in a metal sink, bathtub, or pipes. Cut the material into strips, heat them a little with a hairdryer, and stick it to a clean surface. After that, press the material with something flat. The author of this article did it and this is the result.

We tried this life hack in a sink. Even a small piece of isolation reduced the noise, so now the water is not as loud as it used to be.

To cool food down faster, put the plates into the freezer before cooking.

If there’s no cup for your toothbrush and the sink is dirty, you can use an ordinary clothespin.

Sneakers are washed better if you put other things into the washing machine with it.

Experts recommend putting a few old towels into the washing machine when you’re washing shoes. This way, there will be enough things in the machine and the shoes won’t hit the glass the whole time.

We used an old sweater instead of towels and were amazed by the result. The shoes didn’t hit the glass at all and they were much cleaner than usual. But if you are washing white sneakers, it’s better to use fabrics that won’t dye the whites.

It’s very convenient to store cables in toilet paper rolls. This way, the cables won’t mix.

The glue residue from stickers or tape can be easily removed with regular baby oil.

To prevent photo frames from scratching the wall, make a glue bumper.

Photo frames might scratch paint and wallpaper. To prevent this from happening, make a bumper using glue.

Fridge shelves, oven trays, and food containers are very easy to wash in a dishwasher rather than a bathtub or a sink.

An ordinary rubber band helps to prevent locks from locking at home.

To prevent the mirror from fogging in the bathroom, put car polish on it.

This life hack will work if you put some car polish on the mirror before going into the shower. After taking a shower, wipe the mirror with a dry towel.

You can fix a torn mosquito net with nail polish so you won’t have to buy a new one just because you have a small hole in it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any transparent polish to make the hole less visible. But the life hack works, and no mosquito will pass.

Put rubber bands on a cutting board to prevent it from sliding when you’re cooking.

I use the rubbery mesh things that are sold in grocery stores as bottle openers.


To prevent the clothes from wrinkling in the washing machine, you can add ice cubes to it.

If your washing machine has a drying function, you can use this trick. Add ice cubes into the machine when the clothes are being dried. The steam will smoothen the wrinkles and the fabric will look less crumpled.

It didn’t work with very thick fabrics but our bedsheets came out looking really great.

Wrinkled things can be pressed without an iron. You just need a pillow or a cushion of the right size.

One of the Bright Side employees discovered this life hack when she was fooling around and pulled her husband’s T-shirt over a sofa cushion. The next day, they removed the T-shirt and it wasn’t wrinkled at all.

Which of these life hacks do you find useful? Maybe you know some more tricks you’d like to share with other people!


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