19 People Whose Sense of Humor Is Off the Charts

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A sense of humor is a very individual trait that differs depending on every human. But for many people, their understanding of funny is very similar, so they’ll laugh at the same things. And that’s why some TV series and movies are universally considered entertaining. And it’s not only those creations that tickle our funny bone but also everyday pictures that people post online.

Bright Side is known for loving good humor and funny situations, and that’s why we found 19 of them for you.

1. “We’re expecting but she didn’t want me to share this with our family. She didn’t say anything about the Internet.”

2. “I found a use for the fake practice hand when my infant son got sick and refused to sleep unless he was holding my finger.”

3. “My girl offered me a peanut butter banana sandwich. I spit out my drink.”

4. “Here’s our annual ’parenting disaster’ Christmas card.”

5. “My friend turned 40 today, so I delivered balloons this morning dressed as the Grim Reaper.”

6. “Some friends pranked me by filling my Jeep with packing peanuts.”

7. “We have guests coming over, so the wife decided to be funny. Hopefully, they know what to do.”

8. “One of our teachers wore a Mandalorian mask and walked around saying, ’Do your homework, this is the way.’”

9. “An iron door, locked with two locks, closes the passage to the caves. I overcame the obstacle.”

10. “The hospital I work at decorates trees for Christmas. This is one of them.”

11. “A guy hides in a couch as an April Fools prank.”

12. “A co-worker at our office got pranked.”

13. “When you expect money for your birthday and your uncle gives you exactly that, but a bit shredded”

14. “Someone put eyelashes on their headlights.”

15. “It’s my husband’s colleague’s birthday tomorrow and I made him some cake pops. They are Brussels sprouts covered in chocolate.”

16. “Someone put googly eyes on this tree stump.”

17. “My wife leaves her hair on the shower wall all the time.”

18. “I guess my wife figures being 25+ allows her to freak me out with Xena in the shower. Scares me EVERY TIME.”

19. “My roommate left on a cruise for a week, right before all these snowstorms. I decided to play a little prank on him.”

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen lately? If you don’t mind, we’d love to see your photos or hear your stories.

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The brussels sprouts cake pops... I just want to see the expression on the poor guy's face.


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