18 People Whose Endless Admiration for Loved Ones Kick-Started Their Creative Engines

2 years ago

It doesn’t always take a renowned artist to create a masterpiece. Sometimes a simple creation, when carried out with great passion and dedication, can go a really long way. And there is often no better muse than a loved one to spark our inspiration.

Bright Side is revealing 18 ordinary people who, driven by their deepest feelings, were able to amaze loved ones with their creative artwork.

1. “I made a pillow for my grandma out of my Papa Bob’s shirt and suspenders for Christmas. He passed away in May.”

2. “His granddaughter carries his photo everywhere. It got destroyed. My mom made her a doll instead.”

3. “Mom’s getting dementia and can’t bake her Christmas cookies anymore.”

“I collected all her recipes during times she could remember them. I made this cookbook for my whole family.”

4. “Dad made this for me before I went traveling. Needless to say, I cried like a baby after opening it.”

5. “This is my brother’s fingerprint on a pendant, a gift I received so I can keep him close to my heart forever. This made me smile.”

6. “I told my niece to draw something for me to get tattoed, so she drew her cat with her signature. It was worth every penny.”

7. “My boyfriend told me there was a dust bunny under the dresser he couldn’t reach. BEST CHRISTMAS SURPRISE PRESENT EVER!”

8. “My boyfriend made me a ring using a quarter from the year I was born.”

9. “Someone threw out my mom’s wedding purse and it was ruined in the rain. I managed to save it.”

“I made a keepsake pillow to gift her with on her twenty-seventh wedding anniversary.”

10. “My boyfriend gave me this poster of Prison Mike made entirely of pictures of us.”

11. “I am a huge fan of SpaceX. And my family just made my day with this customized Falcon Heavy cake for my birthday!”

12. “I made this for my grandson’s thirteenth birthday.”

13. “I’ve hand-embroidered some of my husband’s favorite characters popping out of his flannel shirt pockets.”

14. “A bath board I made for my wife”

15. “I made this for my girlfriend because she really ’rocks my world!’”

16. “Here’s a Christmas gift that I received from my loving grandmother. She knitted them, and she’s 83 years old.”

“Since that day, ’I’ve never walked alone.’”

17. “I came home from a week-long business trip and my wife had these gift-wrapped for me, we’ve been trying for ages.”

18. “My niece loved the felt campfire I made for her. Here she is, drinking out of her new camping mug in front of the ’fire.’”

Have you ever surprised someone you care about with a heartfelt gift? Do you have your own muse? We’d love to hear all about it.

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