15 Pics Proving That Every Problem Has a Simple Solution

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2 years ago

In life, we always have something that requires our full attention, so when we face some smaller problems, we are generally too busy to stop to think of a solution for them. Thankfully, it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel — Internet users have come up with ideas to resolve many of those little issues and make our lives a little more carefree.

We at Bright Side are glad to share those brilliant inventions right here.

1. “Drill holes in a piece of wood and glue the caps of markers into them.”

2. A perfect solution for potty training!

3. A genius hack from Grandma!

4. “Built a shelf for all those oversized vehicles to be stashed under. It helps a lot.”

5. “When your 2-year-old refuses to stop stealing shredded cheese from the refrigerator”

6. “Crochet Swiffer mops — wet refills add up with 2 dogs. So I made 2 for $3 each and they work WAY better than the refills.”

7. “My daughter always wants to get hash browns on the way to daycare. I started saving the wrappers and cooking frozen ones at home.”

8. “Wife said a shelf for the craft room was $100. I was able to make it for twice as cheap!”

9. “Made a backpack out of an old milsurp duffel bag!”

10. “A bed to keep my boys busy”

11. “Using moving blankets over windows to help with insulation”

12. “Some command hooks on the inside of a cabinet door make for the perfect storage spot for pan lids and cutting boards.”

13. “A way to reuse paint containers”

14. “Turned a shower rack into an egg basket and toy basket.”

15. “I used binder clips on hangers for my shorts and skirts instead of going to buy new hangers with clips.”

Which of the ideas would you like to try out? Do you have any other solutions to share?

Preview photo credit TeveshSzat10 / Reddit


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