9 Common Mistakes That People Make When Wearing Leggings

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3 years ago

Most of the time, when we think of leggings, we associate them with the gym or some kind of sport. But what if we told you that this garment has 1,001 utilities when it comes to putting together a look? After all, they can be worn in different ways, such as with heels or biker-style jackets, among many other options.

Bright Side prepared a list of 9 common mistakes that can be made when wearing this garment. In addition, we’ll share several tips on how to show off your style.

1. Go for high-waisted leggings.

Low-waisted leggings can make some parts of your body stand out more than you’d like them to. That’s not necessarily bad, however, if you want to avoid that, you might want to choose a pair that’s meant to be worn high-waisted. This design will not only hide some parts of your hips, but by doing so, it will help you appear more slender while at the same time making it more comfortable to wear, especially if you’re doing pilates or yoga. Besides that, it can be combined with any type of top or blouse, which is a great added advantage.

2. Stay away from flashy prints.

Prints with large patterns and very bright colors tend to steal all the attention from the rest of your outfit. Not only that, but as a rule of thumb, remember that the larger the print, the more volume it adds to the body. So, if your goal is to try to get rid of a few inches from your waist and draw attention away from other parts of your body, you’ll be better off wearing leggings in plain, dark colors.

3. Give preference to long leggings.

Some people prefer wearing short leggings. While some designs are pretty nice and comfortable, most of them tend to mark the shape of the legs, making them appear thicker than they actually are. That’s why it’s recommended that if you’re looking to buy a pair of leggings, you might as well choose a longer model. Not only will it give your limbs a slimmer look, but it will also make you look taller. Of course, this depends on your body type and what you’d like to look like.

4. Don’t forget to choose colors that match.

A fairly known tip that’s often forgotten and applies to any type of outfit is also good to keep in mind when wearing leggings: choose colors that match and fit your skin and hair color. Like we just said, this also includes the color of your leggings. When wearing these, opt for a blouse in a similar or darker shade to make you look even more elegant.

5. Don’t think of them as sportswear exclusively.

A big mistake that many people make is wearing leggings only as a sports garment, as few know that they go well with any type of look as long as you know how to combine them properly. A favorite pair of leggings can be worn on various occasions (as we’ve seen with many celebs), from meetings to informal gatherings. In the end, the amazing thing about leggings is precisely how versatile and comfortable they are. Just swap out your old gym sneakers for some heels (or boots), put on a jacket, and ta-da! You’ll look amazing.

6. Avoid wearing leggings under dresses or skirts.

In the 2000s, wearing skirts or dresses with leggings was a real craze among celebrities and common people alike. 20 years after that trend finally seems to be part of the distant past, people have come to realize that this style can be a bit of an overload, visually, and kind of confusing. If you want to look casual but elegant at the same time when wearing this garment, throw on a faux leather jacket and a few nonchalant accessories to give you that look, but stay away from that 2000s style.

7. Long sweatshirts may not be the best option.

Very wide, long sweatshirts can end up hiding the body, ruining the style. To replace them, there is an excellent shorter option: the famous crop top. The combination of high-waisted leggings and short sweatshirts looks much better.

8. Monochromatic sets aren’t always a good choice either.

Monochromatic sets may not be a good option for those looking for a more modern version of the garment, as the outfit can come off like a gym getup. If you want to modernize your outfit and look more fashionable, combine plain leggings with non-lycra fabrics in matching colors to get the best look you can with leggings.

9. Choose leggings in colors that suit your skin tone.

Leggings in colors very similar to one’s skin tone don’t create a contrast, which isn’t good. This, by the way, is a rule that applies to all types of garments, not just leggings. In any case, that’s why leggings usually end up “dulling” the beauty of the person wearing them. In addition, these models can mark the body too much. It’s important to choose a color that creates enough contrast with your skin color and your hair.

Have you made any of the above-mentioned mistakes? Which of these tips would you like to put into practice?


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I LOVE how this article is worded. It's, gentle suggestions rather than THIS IS WRONG AND THIS IS RIGHT.


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