15+ People Who Managed to Capture the Most Unexpected Shots

2 years ago

Crazy things happen so fast that no one has time to do anything but watch — and capture it all on camera, of course. But after a while, it turns out that the unexpected might be a great opportunity that reality provides us with. And the pictures we’ve gotten give us a million to one chance at catching something unusual and unreal.

Bright Side has found some bewildering photos to prove that chance is the best painter of reality.

1. “I consider this a peeping pooch.”

2. “Left the pot of spaghetti alone for a few minutes and caught him red-handed.”

3. “Saw this doggo having a wonderful time at our university.”

4. “He jumped down here while I was driving and froze like this and wouldn’t move.”

5. “She is really trying to steal my coffee.”

6. “My apartment pool was being put to good use.”

7. “Motorcycle horn helmet”

8. “Things you see at Walmart”

9. “This pigeon caught a metro ride.”

10. “Seen on the London Underground”

11. “Hovering dogs don’t exist.”

12. “My tortoise crawled into a rainbow.”

13. “My cat doesn’t know Halloween is over.”

14. “We still don’t know what’s going on here.”

15. “Attempting to steal my wife’s drink...”

16. “Look what I can do!”

17. “One cat looks like 2.”

Have you seen anything totally unexpected yourself? Did you manage to capture it on camera? Or maybe some of your friends told you a story worth sharing? Please tell us about it, and don’t forget to attach any photos you’ve got.

Preview photo credit officiallouisgilbert / reddit


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