18 Children That Were Born to Get Their Parents’ Patience to the Next Level

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2 years ago

Being a parent is not only about changing diapers, checking homework, and reading the same book over and over again. Moms and dads have to be really calm, patient and prepared for any situation.

We at Bright Side are sure that some children were born to test their parents’ patience, and the kids from this article prove this point.

“My daughter snuck up from behind and nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“My kids tore a hole in a bean bag chair and tons of static-charged styrofoam balls went everywhere.”

“Told my son to put a soda in the fridge. He put it in the freezer.”

“Toddler. Sharpie. Sleeping husband...”

“My son specifically requested the chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Clearly, I’m raising a monster.”

“My daughter took me roller skating yesterday for Mother’s Day.”

“Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup, it’s fine, I’m fine.”

“Apparently, my daughter left a sparkly blue crayon in her pocket, which I didn’t discover until AFTER a full dryer cycle had run.”

“An entire load of her clothes is now ruined and I have to figure out how to clean this or else all of our clothes will come out blue-tinged for the foreseeable future.”

“My son made me a sandwich with ’a little mustard.’”

“My daughter just learned what happens if you forget to put water in ramen before microwaving it.”

“My son said he had no idea how it got in there...”

“My daughter put her ’baby’ in her car seat, and I almost had a heart attack when I looked in the back seat after work.”

“My son told me he fed the cats.”

“My kid threw my phone in a fire pit.”

“So this is how driving lessons are going with my daughter tonight...”

“I asked my son if he needed a new toothbrush. He said no.”

“Can’t find your Switch remote? It must be somewhere reasonable, like inside your kid’s ukulele.”

“My son started school this year. These are his shoes after just 8 days of wear.”

Do your kids often test your patience?

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Oh boy do l sympathise with everyone of these parents, my son has done most of these and more...yes he's still alive...lol


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