16+ Comics That Prove Childhood Memories Are Pure Gold

2 years ago

When we think of childhood, we don’t just remember the fun times and games, but also all the people around us and the objects and toys that were part of our environment back then. Coming in contact with any of these awakens feelings of nostalgia and happiness in any of us. That’s why artist Bang Dhan, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, shares his memories of the past by turning them into funny comics that pretty much anybody can relate to. So come along with us on a journey down memory lane to discover how the past can be a continuous source of joy.

Bright Side believes that memories are a treasure, and that’s why we’re sharing 16 comics by this artist who humorously brings back many moments from the past. And in the bonus part, you’ll find childhood memories from our editorial.

1. There was nothing more pleasurable than listening to music on a cassette while reading the lyrics of the songs.

2. The first cell phones allowed the creation of ring tones (after that, many felt as if they were descendants of Beethoven).

3. Well, some continue to do this in adulthood...

4. The life cycle of soap: It starts out ordinary and then ends up as a small soap stuck to another small soap.

5. Watching a builder make cement mortar was as close as we could get to an erupting volcano.

6. Who didn’t collect cards and figurines of their favorite series?

7. In school, you had to waste time with whatever was at hand.

8. For many children, playing with cicadas was more fun than watching television.

9. Curtains were the perfect hiding place in childhood.

10. No one wanted their schoolwork on top of the pile.

11. Climbing trees could be fun, especially if the experience was with friends.

12. We all had refrigerator magnets and ornaments (we still have them now, but it’s a little nostalgic to remember the ones from childhood).

13. Falling asleep anywhere and “magically” waking up in our bed

14. “These players are the latest fad,” people used to say decades ago.

15. For some reason, eyeglasses are strangely amusing to babies of any decade.

16. Old sewing machines were the first imaginary vehicles of many people’s childhoods.

Bonus: Childhood memories from the Bright Side team

What my mom sees in my drawing vs What I see

Cosplaying a villain

Sitting on a stack of chairs and feeling like a king

The alpha way to go up the stairs

Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in bed the next morning

What things were common in your childhood that simply aren’t anymore? Tell us your funniest memories as a child so we can all laugh together.

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Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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