15 Pics That Show Family Life Without Fun Is Like Accounting Without Math

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2 years ago

Imagine how dull life would be if we didn’t have a sense of humor and we’d have to go for a few days without having a laugh. Family life has its ups and downs, but the main ingredient that can make the biggest difference is laughter. When we laugh, time stops, and all our worries go away — plus, laughing can be the best form of therapy.

All of us at Bright Side love to laugh as many times a day as we can, and we thought you’d like to join us — we found some fun stuff that’ll surely make you grin from ear to ear.

1. “Going through my old photos and found one of my daughters plotting something.”

2." My daughter made me this bracelet today."

3. “My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose. Now she is convinced she is a real superhero.”

4. “’Quack! Quack!’ Courtesy of my 7-year-old daughter who thought this was hilarious and wanted to share it with everyone.”

5. “My son doing what the sign says”

6. “My son asked why there was a picture of a woman throwing a baby on the ground.”

7. “My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas.”

8. “This is my wife’s idea of saving money.”

9. “My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one’s not finished.”

10. “My wife: ’Let’s stop at this plant nursery, I just want to look.’”

11. “I’m picking my wife up at the airport and a friend said to bring her some nice flowers as a surprise. I am bringing her a basket FULL of her favorite ’flours.’”

12. “My kid discovered you can photocopy anything, and now he’s trying to prank me.”

13. “My grandmother all dolled up and my uncle blowing her cover, circa 1970”

14. “I bought my grandad a HUGE tub of his favorite chocolates and he emailed me this photo to tell me that he had finally finished them.”

15. “My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon.”

How does your family show their sense of humor? When was the last time one of your family members made you laugh your socks off? Tell us in the comments so we can all laugh together!

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