15 Parents That Deserve an Award for Their Great Sense of Humor

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4 years ago

Sometimes, one of the most important things about maintaining healthy family relationships is having a great sense of humor. Sometimes, serious parents do something so funny that we don’t even know how to react. Some of them have created a house for a new vacuum cleaner, and some have even made dresses for their pets!

We at Bright Side are convinced that all of us have funny family stories we want to share with others. And this is what the people from this compilation did.

“After being divorced for 25+ years, my parents reconnected, moved to Texas and bought a farm. Today they’re getting married again. This is their wedding portrait.”

“Wait, we can do that?”

This is why people have children.

A family of The Lord of the Rings fans

“The kids have moved out and we’re hitting the road cause we can! Freedom!”

You have to be responsible for your actions.

This is where babies come from...

When a father is bored, he can do anything.

These parents know a thing or 2 about cool costumes.

When your dad tries to make you feel better:

“My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people.”

When you suddenly find out why your name is what it is:

This guy is “lucky!” His parents are real trolls.

When parents are very ironic:

What do you know about food?

Do your parents love a good prank? If yes, what’s the funniest situation you can remember?

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