18 Hilarious Morning Sights People Actually Woke Up To

9 months ago

How often do you look around to see what’s going on? Some people don’t notice any strangeness surrounding them. Let’s see what can happen to any of us, get inspired by this, and start discovering things to make our day better.

Bright Side shares with you amusing ways of starting a day and encourages everybody to make our what-I-woke-up-to collection richer!

I wake up to this every morning. I’m wondering if I even have the right to be here.

They say life changes after a wedding. This is what I woke up to the morning after mine.

My friend doesn’t stop surprising me, even when he’s drunk. Woke up to this. Curious about what’s next.

Woke up to this. He’s not allowed on the bed, so that’s how he got off the hook.

Woke up to some idiots blaring Aerosmith outside. Turned out to be Aerosmith.

I think I’ll stay home today.

I wake up every day realizing that I’m an unwanted guest here.

Watch out when you hear a knocking at the door in Jamaica.

Woke up to this. My boyfriend had a little too much yesterday, I believe.

My wife and I were about to have a heart attack when we woke up to this screen on the baby monitor.

This is what you wake up to after having a broken arm and spending a night with your friends.

Thought I was still having a nightmare at first.

Woke up to a noise. It’s not my house anymore.

Woke up to this. Everything’d be cool if it was our cat.

He knows how to make me feed him.

This is not exactly what his mom expected to see after waking up.

This was waiting for me outside my daughter’s bedroom door. Good morning to you too!

I did this piece of art when I was a little bit drunk. At least it’s not like others!

Having seen all these amusing photographs, one might wonder if there’s something like that around us. All these hilarious mornings are just the beginning. Share in the comments what you wake up to in the mornings!

Preview photo credit zzzzzxx / reddit


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