10 Things That Are Only Classy If You Are Rich. Poor People Try to Avoid Them

3 years ago

A reporter from New Zealand decided to ask the question, “What’s considered trashy if you’re poor, but classy if you’re rich?” on her Twitter and the users of Reddit joined this discussion too.

At Bright Side, we researched the opinions from the internet, interviewed our colleagues, and wrote down the answers we found the most interesting.

1. An old car

While some can might it “vintage” or “rare,” others just call it “an old car” that you can drive until it eventually breaks down.

  • When you’re poor, the most expensive thing you own is a really old car. © chowderneck / reddit

  • Rich people really don’t own anything personally. Their family company or trust does... So yeah, a $50 million car might be the only thing they DO own. © corporaterebel / reddit

  • I drive a 1999 Ranger. People I only see every few years always seem to ask why I still drive it. Well, it still gets me from A to B, the registration on it is cheap, and insurance is cheaper than a newer vehicle. © midwest_wanderer / reddit

  • I would say the ’50s and ’60s are the rich guy territory, the ’70s are neutral because most cars from that era still cost almost nothing, and the ’80s and ’90s are for poor people. Of course, there are exceptions in each era. © Bamres / reddit

2. Walking or cycling

Walking is good for your health. Choosing a bicycle over a car is good for the environment. But are all people who ride bicycles environmentalists? Perhaps, to be seen as a person who leads a healthy lifestyle or takes care of the environment, one has to have a big bank account or talk out loud about their choices.

  • Living car-free, as I discovered recently. If you’re rich, you’re considered a socially woke and ecologically conscious person. If you’re poor, you’re considered a drag on society, because your life is dictated by what you can get to on a bike or via public transit and when. © manapan / reddit

  • This is about my sister. She worked hard, went to school to be an engineer, makes $250K+ a year, and refuses to buy a car because NOT owning a personal vehicle is a status symbol within her circle of hipster friends. © FlyLo760 / reddit

3. Fixing clothes and shoes

Fixing things and reusing plastic items and shopping bags instead of disposable bags are actions that are considered eco-friendly. But double standards make it difficult to perceive a person who uses the same shopping bag many times because they are poor in the same way as a person who goes shopping with a mesh bag because they care about the environment.

A person with a limited budget takes their shoes to be repaired because of their lack of money, and they hardly think about protecting the environment. Wealthy people, on the other hand, prefer to use old things because they want to challenge the consumer society.

4. Gardening

Prince Charles is a big fan of gardening. He grows organic vegetables and fruit and involves his grandson George in his hobby. But the things that some consider a hobby, others have to use in order to provide their family with diverse food and to save money.

5. Antique furniture, clothes, and everyday items

Some who have antiques in their house will be known as collectors, others will be known as hoarders or poor because they can’t buy new things. The same goes for clothes. Wealthy people wear old clothes during important events and call them vintage, while less fortunate people have to wear old clothes due to their lack of money.

  • My family’s so poor I have to wear my mother’s hand-me-downs and my sister has to wear mine. I also have a few men’s shirts, all of them hand-me-downs from my dad. © chaosgirl93 / reddit
  • I prefer to call my M65 field jacket “vintage” because it sounds nicer than “almost a decade older than me.” © Boa-in-a-bowl / reddit
  • I knew a guy that owned a few banks. He was literally the most wealthy individual I have personally met. He walked around in stained cargo shorts, a polo that was older than me, sandals, and 4-day stubble. He took me to an exclusive restaurant once. They asked me to wear a jacket that they provided (I was in a nice button-down and tie), he was in his usual. No one batted an eye, even other customers. © Aun_Rand_Paul_-Ryan / reddit

6. Animal print and torn clothes

Many people associate leopard print, ripped jeans, and sportswear with a lack of taste. And many still argue about whether ripped jeans are decent enough to wear in public. Once they were relevant to the working class only, but then they became popular thanks to the punk and hippie movements. However, all the outfits worn by celebrities immediately become trendy.

  • Wearing jeans with holes in them became fashionable because it was a sign of someone who worked, but doesn’t care, because they like the jeans. Then companies started deliberately ripping them and charging a premium. There are $500 ripped jeans out there that rich people buy to look like the working class. © unknown author / reddit

  • Ripped jeans were worn by poor individuals who had to wear their clothing down to the last thread because they couldn’t afford new clothes. This is why older individuals have a hard time viewing the holes in your pants as fashionable. © Sage Efron / quora

  • I grew up poor and it was a huge deal to not have damaged clothes. I learned to sew when I was little... Hell, I even patched a pair of sandals together with dental floss. I’ll never wear clothes with “fake damage” to them. I just can’t do it. © cultured_banana_slug / reddit

  • I know a girl who lives oceanfront, in a penthouse, drives around a Jaguar F-type, about to buy a Porsche, and is just insanely rich, but she wears nothing but sweats/hoodies and gym gear to work. If I do this, I’m a lazy loser. She does it because she’s rich... © The_SaltLife / reddit

  • I remember watching Richard Branson at a Virgin Airlines event, where he was handing out awards, wearing a scruffy sweater and jeans. I pointed this out to my dad and he said: “Son, you dress up to impress; when you’re a billionaire you don’t have to impress anyone.” That stuck with me. Sadly, I still have to wear a suit to work. © stigstig76 / reddit

7. Vacations in your home country

Not everyone can afford to vacation in distant countries, but they can relax in neighboring countries or in their home country. This happens because they have a limited budget. But, when your income allows you to travel around the world and you decide you want to explore places in your home country, everyone around you begins to praise you for supporting the local economy.

8. Many pets at home

As one Reddit user said, “The only difference between a ‘cat hoarder’ and ‘animal rescuer’ is their budget.” True, a person with 5 cats living in a studio apartment will be called crazy, while a person feeding their numerous pets on the lawn of their mansion will be called a noble animal rescuer.

  • My wife and I are middle-class, we each make about $50K a year. We got lucky with a good deal on a house and now share it with 39 critters. All but about 3 have been rescued from bad situations. We spend a good chunk of our income on vet and rehab stuff. People sometimes think it’s odd that we have so many, but never had anyone think it’s trashy or classy. © qalashnikov/reddit
  • Back then horses were for the commoner, while cars were for the rich. Now having horses has become a luxury sport of the rich. As for us, have fun stuck in traffic. © francisbaconcantdraw / reddit
  • My great aunt was born rich, married rich, and never worked a day in her life. She was a hoarder, and at one point she had over 200 cats. Mom always said that the only reason her aunt wasn’t called a crazy cat lady was money. © agentofthering / reddit

9. A home wedding

It’s either you try to save money and invite the number of guests that your home has enough room for, or you own a mansion with immense surrounding territories big enough for a fancy wedding.

  • I used to drive charter buses and one time I had to provide transportation for the wedding of the daughter of a billionaire. When we arrived at the wedding venue, I thought we were at a country club. But, it was their house... © A911owner / reddit
  • In my country that’s the tradition. The wedding is held in front of the house. The organizer will contact the local authorities for a permit. Canopies are raised and tables are set on the road. There is usually no requirement for reserving seats and even strangers can come to have a meal. © DanialE / reddit

10. Living space with minimal furniture

If this is a rich person’s home, the interior will be called minimalistic. But if it’s a poor person’s home, this person will be considered bankrupt.

What, in your opinion, is trashy for the poor and classy for the rich? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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