12 Discoveries That Made Us Freeze in Disbelief

8 months ago

Have you ever encountered something that left you feeling very confused? It’s a common experience. Our inquisitive nature persists until we unravel the mystery. Gone are the days when we had to open encyclopedias or consult an expert for answers. Thanks to the internet, we now have a team of online detectives ready to assist. And in the following list, the purposes of some truly enigmatic finds have been swiftly uncovered.

1. ’’What’s this plastic dog with a strange opening at the bottom?’’

Answer: Is it possible that this is a toy that you dress up? I used to have toy mannequins or dolls with a similar flap on the back. You would use a short stick to push fabric into the flap, and it would hold the fabric in place.

2. ’’What’s this magnetized rectangular prism? The surface feels like a hard silicone.’’

Answer: It’s a magnetic learning toy.

3. ’’What’s this glass head thing found in an abandoned house?’’

Answer: It’s either art or a really fancy, over-the-top hat mannequin. I personally lean toward it being art.

4. ’’I found this in my old bedroom. What is it?’’

Answer: I vaguely remember getting something like this as a kid. They were called wriggling worms (or something similar). You pour water on them, and they swell/grow into something kind of like a worm.

5. ’’What’s this crystal pillar with one flat spot to lie sideways?’’

Answer: It’s a crystal knife rest.

6. “What is this 6-inch, mini, paddle-shaped wooden item?”

Answer: It’s a backup hand paddle used to roll the kayak in case you lose or break your main paddle in Greenland-style kayaking.

7. ’’I bought these at a thrift store because they were pretty. What are they?’’

Answer: It’s a cookie and/or biscuit stamp. It also can be used on fondant for cake decorating.

8. ’’What’s this pair of electronic devices?’’

Answer: LED USB lights

9. ’’What’s this hard plastic scraper thing with interchangeable teeth of different sizes?’’

Answer: HVAC condenser fin cleaning tool

10. ’’What is this metal star with a hook?’’

Answer: It’s a turkey deep fryer piece.

11. ’’Why is the toilet notched in Brazil?! The one in the next stall is just normal with no notch.’’

Answer: Oh! This is a low mobility/accessible toilet for people who might be transferring from a wheelchair to help prevent them from making surface contact.

12. ’’I found this; it’s made out of glass. Is it what I think it is?’’

Answer: It’s a neon light support.

Are you on the lookout for another compelling collection of enigmatic discoveries? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss this article!

Preview photo credit cuzemek*** / Reddit


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