How Swimwear Fashion Shows Shattered the Stereotypes and Showed Us the Beauty of Diversity

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11 months ago

The world’s main fashion capitals are Paris, Milan, New York and London, but Miami is the hot spot for the latest swimwear trends. Miami Swim Week is more than just a fashion show, it’s a statement of style and attitude.

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Beach Fashion Week is traditionally held in July at various venues around the city and brings together dozens of designers from all over the world. The first thing that strikes the eye when looking at photos from the shows is the diversity of models.


Swimsuits used to be modeled by tall, tan girls with athletic bodies, but now the stars of the show are women who defy the outdated norms of beauty. They not only radiate incredible femininity and self-confidence, but they also look more realistic and relatable. They show that beauty is not about standards but about diversity and individuality.


The shows at Miami Swim Week often convey a powerful social message, and designers seize the chance to address relevant issues. For instance, in 2018, model Mara Martin made headlines when she walked the runway with her five-month-old daughter in her arms. The mom posed for the camera while breastfeeding her baby. To protect the child from the noise, the girl wore special headphones that blocked out the sound.

In 2019, a plus-size model Ashley Alexiss became the star of one of the shows. The girl wears size 16 clothes and is 5′4″ tall, but this did not prevent her from achieving success in the modeling field. Ashley is an ambassador of several lingerie brands and has even developed her own line of clothes for plus-size women. “I know there’s no perfect body, but my body is perfect for me, and that’s enough,” declares the girl.

Professional dancer Christie Valdiserri, who has alopecia areata, also participated in the fashion show that year. She did a courageous act and removed her wig during the show. Christie wanted to inspire people who also experienced hair loss with her example.

Alberto E. Tamargo/Sipa USA/East News

Brazilian model Bruna Lima took the spotlight in 2021 by walking the runway while pregnant. “It felt great to embrace my 8-month bump and show that pregnant bodies are beautiful too. I can’t wait to show my daughter someday that she walked Miami Swim Week with me!” the girl shared.

Miami Swim Week-2023 was particularly colorful. One of Sweden’s most famous models, Vendela Kirsebom, made a sensation at the traditional Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Show. This year, Vendela celebrated two milestones: her 56th birthday and her more than 40-year career in the fashion industry.

Vendela was accompanied by retired deputy dean Nina Cash, 56.

Influencer Achieng Agutu

Model Jena Sims

62-year-old model Carol Alt

Mom of three, Sharina Gutierrez

Being a model does not require having the measurements 36—24—36 (90-60-90). But it does require having a lot of courage and strength to challenge society and its established norms, as the beautiful Paulina Porizkova did, for example. The model accepts the changes in her appearance and proudly declares: “My face is a really good novel of the history of my life.”

Preview photo credit MAVRIXONLINE.COM/EAST NEWS, Alberto E. Tamargo/Sipa USA/East News, Alberto E. Tamargo/Sipa USA/East News, Yaroslav Sabitov/YES Market Media / Alamy Stock Photo


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The industry and hangers on might like the changes but if everyone was honest nobody wants to see it really the skinny one are horrible to healthy good looking models are best . No honesty it's all fake do the big and different get payed the same ❓️


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