20 Times Animals Showed They Need Us More Than We Think

2 years ago

If your cat runs away to show its independence, it doesn’t mean it actually is. Even 5 months later, your pet can come back missing you. Our small pets are more vulnerable and sensitive than we think and just want us to love them.

We at Bright Side never get tired of pets and are sharing 20 pics that show how much they need our care, help, and attention.

1. “My parents’ cat forced open a patio door and ran away. 5 months later, he very much regretted his life choice.”

2. “My puppy is 99% sure he is hiding fully.”

3. “My dog farted. She gags and looks to me for help.”

4. “I work at a cat shelter. These are the ’can we keep him?’ photos I sent to my partner. It worked.”

5. “Someone wants attention.”

6. “My new partner is kind of a puss.”

7. “My buddy is a sweet super derp. He just got adopted!”

8. “Best buddies”

9. “She’s waiting for me to dine with her.”

10. “Every morning, he waits near his toy box for me to play with him.”

11. “I told my dog my father would come over to visit in a while. My dog adores my father and patiently waited till he was there.”

12. “Little guys just ran right up to me. Followed me everywhere I went.”

13. “Myself (middle), my brother (left), and my best friend (right) with our puppy siblings we just adopted”

14. “Before and after being adopted — just knowing that someone wants you can make all the difference.”

15. “My dog thought he was stuck. So we pretended to pull him out and all was good.”

16. “She stepped on a cactus and needed help down the mountain.”

17. “I need help. I can’t get out of here.”

18. “This was my indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights and he instantly regretted it.”

19. “Whatever I did, I’m really sorry!”

20. “My cat’s claw got stuck whilst scratching the sofa.”

“She wasn’t meowing for help when I found her. Just sitting awkwardly as if nothing’s wrong. ”

What’s your pet’s name? What’s its personality like?

Preview photo credit RuneFell/reddit


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