15 People Who Bought Things Online and Got a Bunch of Laughter Instead

2 years ago

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get exactly what we’ve ordered online, but there are times when our virtual purchasing experience can turn into a nightmare. From a wrong-sized cat bodysuit to a very small piece of rug, the people listed below received the oddest things ever, and some of them are so bad, they’re hilarious.

We at Bright Side have gathered images of Internet users who found a way to laugh at their terrible luck when shopping online.

1. “It’s about a third of the size it’s supposed to be.”

2. “Just give it a clear coat and it’ll look exactly the same.”

3. This teddy bear slightly differs from the image on the website.

4. A girl bought a wig and asked the seller to send a picture of someone wearing it.

5. This bouquet doesn’t even come close to the real one.

6. “The cat is like: ’Maybe next time, you’ll measure me.’”

7. They would fit perfectly on a baby.

8. Instagram vs tagged photo

9. At least she got the feathers on the dress.

10. They were most likely created for a Barbie doll.

11. “That’s a carpet sample.”

12. “Ooooh, that’s a lovely big chest of drawers! Wait...”

13. Maybe they got lost in some details.

14. “The dress I ordered vs what arrived a month later”

15. That must be a new kind of Christmas tree.

Which of these photographs made you laugh the most? Have you ever received terrible products that weren’t even somewhat close to your expectations?

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Preview photo credit Sheepinator / reddit


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