18 People Made Small Discoveries, and Their World Will Never Be the Same

6 months ago

The world is full of diversity and fascinating elements that often go unnoticed. Yet, discovering new things and exploring curiosity can be as simple as observing our daily surroundings. There’s so much to learn and explore just by paying attention to the happenings around us each day.

1. “This is what happens when a shower poof unravels.”

2. “We have a vacuum system in the house, where you just put a long hose on and it starts sucking.”

3. “This older keyboard I found in an office while cleaning on campus”

4. “My legs after a 5-hour mountain bike ride”

5. “This is what 1 of 3 diamonds in my ring looks like under UV light. It doesn’t glow like the other 2.”

  • No, some diamonds are fluorescent and some aren’t. It’s not a way to tell if it’s real or fake. © Tj-edwards / Reddit

6. “The fate of an unfortunate fly at the mask factory”

7. “A solar park bench with USB charging ports”

8. “This new 16GB SD card has virtually nothing inside it.”

9. “This Saab airplane has a hand hole.”

  • I’m not a pilot, but I’ve seen that ground crews give small things to the pilot through this hole. Though I think it’s just for things you have to get into the cockpit last minute. © -LordOfSalem- / Reddit

10. “Found a very tall sunflower — I’m 5’10” for comparison."

11. “Found a little free library for dogs.”

12. “This lemon has every shade of yellow.”

13. “The seeds in this apple I cut are already growing.”

14. “The tiny armrest I had on my flight”

15. “This Swiss water bottle has the Matterhorn in it.”

16. “This is a truck carrying the signs you see on the interstate.”

Have you ever seen a blade from a wind turbine? They look like they could be an airplane wing!


17. “The storm cloud before it hits our town”

18. “A 100-sided dice”

Encountering unfamiliar things can leave us puzzled, but the wonderful thing is that many people are willing to lend a hand when it comes to understanding such mysteries. These discoveries often reveal hidden meanings that might not be apparent at first glance.

Preview photo credit theonlyquirk / Reddit


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