15 Mysteries That Have an Answer You Aren’t Expecting

6 months ago

The internet has brought about incredible ways for us to connect worldwide. It’s amazing how we can stay updated with our friends’ lives and instantly find answers to our questions. Back in the day, it would remain a mystery if we stumbled upon something unfamiliar. But now, thanks to the internet, we can simply reach out to people online for answers.

1. “A moonface-type thing was found buried 6 inches in my yard.”

Answer: “It’s probably just a moon face garden decoration.”

2. “Found 100 squares with varying patterns and colors in my math teacher’s room. No patterns seem to be the same.”

Answer: “It’s a prime factorization chart demonstrating The Sieve of Eratosthenes. Note that primes are of solid distinct color.”

3. “A thumb protector possibly, but for what? Found it at a yard sale.”

Answer: “For shucking clams/oysters? Protects from sharp edges and knife slips.”

4. “Scissors with a weird angle. What is the use of this?”

Answer: “To cut candle wicks.”

5. “This was in my band-aid wrapper instead of a band-aid. Almost rubbery.”

Answer: “Looks like a manufacturing error where that may be the start or end of a production run.”

6. “A red and clear rubber toy-like thing found on a playground”

Answer: “It’s a Lego part. It is a pair of balloons held by a Lego figure.”

7. “What are these two red and blue ’patches’ titled ’came the yawn’ and ’one eye closed here’”?

Answer: “Bookmarks! Put them over the corner of the page, words facing the page you’re on.”

8. “Found 4 of these capsules filled with what appears to be metal shavings?”

Answer: “It’s a pill for ruminant animals.”

9. “Hundreds of stainless steel pipes near a damn”

Answer: “They’re breather pipes for a landfill site. Lets out the gasses from decomposing waste buried there.”

10. “Found in the woods in Germany hanging from a tree/bush.”

Answer: “Is hunting allowed? Could be for scent lure.”

11. “At an Airbnb in a beach town on the east coast in the US. The kitchen island has these ’indents’ with a handle?”

Answer: “It was part of a hatch door on a barn or a ship.”

12. “What is this small leather piece with straps and adjustable buckles?”

Answer: “My wife had something similar that was decoration on boots. You could take them off and change them.”

13. “A small metal trinket found buried on a rural Missouri farm”

Answer: “It’s a boy scout neckerchief slide.”

14. “These little specs on my bed — every time I dust them off, they reappear within 2 hours and I have no idea how.”

Answer: “This is 100% termite droppings. Somewhere above (your bed) I’m sure you’ll find a small dot-sized hole in the ceiling.”

15. “2 cars parked on a street, both seem to have T-shirts (or some sort of material) over their wing mirrors, but just on the side facing the road.”

Answer: “It’s to keep birds from attacking the mirrors.”

This is just a tiny glimpse of the intriguing mysteries out there. Undoubtedly, there’s an infinite number of things we have yet to discover and understand their true purposes.

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