7 Examples of How Each Generation Is Great in Their Own Way

2 years ago

Opinions about happiness and luck differ greatly between people of different generations. The things that our grandparents considered cool are mundane or even “last-century” for modern kids. But this doesn’t mean that the life of today’s youth is perfect.

At Bright Side, we decided to compare how the past and modern generations perceive success and luck.

Everyday life

We’re fortunate that the times when work was associated with fatigue are gone. If back then a person had to be really tired after work to get social approval, now people are more inclined to support those who’ve managed to make their everyday life easier. Technological progress in the form of dishwashers, robot vacuums, and other home appliances contribute to this lifestyle.


Back then, it was hard to imagine a child’s life without friends coming to their door and asking them to play outside. Modern kids have friends on social media, and the coolest ones have photos and videos with lots of likes by the biggest number of followers.

Women’s happiness

It was really important for the young women of previous generations to marry as soon as possible. But today, you won’t surprise anyone by getting married at 30 or even 50. Women prefer to build their careers, buy their own place, and travel the world first, and only after that will they think about family life. That’s why a good job offer is no less important than a marriage proposal in the modern world.


Back then, a teenager would join different clubs — not just sports but also engineering, sewing, or knitting clubs — and they’d earn the respect of peers by winning different specialized contests. Nowadays, everything is simpler. A social media video can make you popular overnight without much effort. And teenagers value this achievement even more than winning a school competition.


In order to feel trendy, you just had to wear the same clothes that the majority of other people did. If everyone wore flared pants, you’d sew something similar; and if everyone chose sport suits with bright stripes, you’d look for something just like that. Nowadays, fashion provides many different options so you can have your own personal style.


The representatives of the previous generations knew how to enjoy simple things. It was really cool to receive a wristwatch or cheap earrings as a birthday present. All girls would envy you! But it’s really hard to surprise modern teenagers with a gift because they’ve had all the toys in the world since childhood. Even a very expensive smartphone can’t bring them as much joy as a cheap accessory did to our parents.

A healthy diet

Our ancestors thought that a wife should feed her husband well. If a man didn’t put on weight after marriage, everyone figured he was unlucky with his wife. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health, so being good at cooking healthy and tasty food is a skill that’s really appreciated in the culinary world.

Do you think you’re a successful person according to the standards of the past? Or are you cool now? Tell us in the comments below.


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