20 People Who Hit the Reset Button on Their Lives

3 years ago

People are capable of making multiple changes in their life at a time, scientists say. Basically, this means that you can improve your physical health, self-esteem, and gain success at work all at once, even if you try to concentrate on just one thing. But we could sure use a little inspiration from time to time.

We at Bright Side are always searching for things that can brighten your day and would like to introduce you to 20 people who managed to change their lives for the better.

1. “The wedding transformation”

2. “I’ve been busting my butt at UPS for about 2 years. I finally made it.”

3. “From detached and depressed to having hope and happiness”

4. “20 days after upper jaw surgery”

5. “I actually weighed in under 300 lb this morning for the first time in years!”

6. “It’s been 7 months. I feel like a completely different girl.”

7. “I finally got my dream job as a park ranger in Alaska! ”

8. “My friend adopted a shelter dog during a dark time in his life. I wonder who saved who.”

9. “From 23 to 33”

10. “Weightlifting changed my life.”

11. “My friend adopted his first dog.”

12. “Finished my proton beam therapy course. 6 weeks of having protons shot into me!”

13. “This weekend I played again for the first time after 4 years since I gave up floorball due to an illness in my feet.”

14. “I’ve been having a hard time bonding with my daughter. I finally let her give me a makeover. Her smile says it all.”

15. “After 6 years, my wife is finally a citizen. She went straight from the court to the clerk to vote!”

16. “I just finished my master’s! The new job starts in January.”

17. “My life changed in 4 minutes.”

18. “After a lengthy unexpected stay in a hospital, I decided to change my life.”

19. “I moved to Sacramento and wanted to meet new people, so we cleaned 20+ bags of trash with 8 strangers.”

20. “101 lb down in 2 years”

What do you consider to be the biggest success in your life? Do you have a pic of this moment? Please share it with us!

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girl in #7 surely looks different, but I should say she is beautiful in both photos


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