15+ Silly Looking Pets Who Were Simply Born That Way

2 years ago

Our beloved furry friends are just overloaded with charismatic cuteness and charm. So they don’t even have to act weird or do a few clumsy tricks. We just love them for who they are. And sometimes even envy their ability to act natural, do what they want, and still be adorable.

We at Bright Side have gathered some hilarious photos of these beautiful creatures and want to share them with you today. Have a look!

1. Precious beauty born to melt our hearts.

2. “I heard the junk drawer meowing.”

3. First passport photo and he’s a little bit nervous.

4. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.

5. “Oops, my bad.”

6. “I’m not sure where you think you’re going next...”

7. “We’re never allowed to move the blankets.”

8. Scrungy pizza gremlin.

9. “He loves to perch on people’s heads and munch on their hair. He does not even care if he’s never met you before.”

10. “Lots of things are wrong with Francis. Just kidding, she’s perfect.”

11. London bridge.

12. “Waiting to be blessed by the Treat Gods.”

13. If it fits, I nips.

14. “Rosie’s first time outside on her leash.”

15. Bandit-the-hangry-cat.

16. Tasty, tasty rainbow.

17. “Belle being a big baby.”

18. Happy and cute. Neverending petting is guaranteed.

Do you have any precious fluff balls of happiness of your own? Do they make you smile every time you look at them? Please share their pictures in the comments below. Let’s find out how many other pets were also born this way.

Preview photo credit heytherecatlady / reddit


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