17 People Who Found Their Look-Alikes in the Most Unexpected Places

year ago

Identical twins are used to looking at their exact copy, but the rest of us probably never had the chance to see the reflection of their own face on somebody else. A doppelgänger is a biologically unrelated look-alike of a living person, and scientists say there’s about one in 135 chance for us to find our exact copy.

As weird as it may be, these people found their unrelated identical twins in the most random situations. We at Bright Side were amazed by the similarities, so we thought about sharing these incredible pictures with you.

1. “Andrew Zimmern and me”

2. “This girl really reminds me of a famous model.”

3. “Been told that I look a bit like Johnny Depp.”

4. “Found mine!”

5. “My son is the real-life version of the book he got for Christmas.”

6. “Found my double today.”

7. “A server at the restaurant said a guy in the kitchen looks just like me and brought him out.”

8. “Found my look-alike, just around 100 years apart.”

9. “When you go to get a flu shot and the pharmacist is your doppelgänger”

10. “Drove 10 hours alone to a concert and met my doppelgänger.”

11. “I’m the one on the left, the guy on the right was someone I randomly bumped into.”

12. An unexpected meeting

13. “My daughter and this painting”

14. Demi Moore’s doppelgänger

15. “Why does my brother look like Anne Hathaway?”

16. “Found my double last year.”

17. This girl may be Rihanna’s twin.

How do you feel when thinking about your copy living on the other side of the planet? Or maybe you’ve already found them!


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theres a guy that i work with and every one calls him shaggy cuz he looks like shaggy from scooby do. the funny thing is that he had gotten soo used to us calling him that he started anwsering to it and on the host bord he even wote shaggy for his name for the section that he had done that night.(his name is acturaly calbe)


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