14 People Who Should’ve Thought About Their Tattoos More Carefully

year ago

Bad tattoos are usually a combination of 2 things: a bad design choice and/or bad execution. Whatever the case, the person who gets the tattoo is responsible since it’s in their hands to find both the design and the artist. In some cases, as you will see below, some people chose questionable designs on purpose. Maybe in their eyes, they look good and enjoy having this ink on their bodies.

1. “So this kid walked into my friend’s tattoo shop.”

2. This guy must be someone important to her.

3. “I wonder how long until this guy regrets his tattoo.”

4. Simply bad execution

5. The horror version of this portrait

6. “First session’s done.”

7. Something seems to be missing.

8. “The worst portrait tattoo I’ve ever seen”

9. Great design, bad execution

10. “Eye see you.”

11. “The famous Pinacchio”

12. “Snoop Dogg by a local artist”

13. One way to cover up any hair loss issues

14. A questionable idea and execution

Did you do thorough research before choosing your tattoo design and the artist that you trusted to do the job?


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