15+ Ruined Days People Simply Wished to Forget

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They say that failure is instructive. At least we learn just as much from our failures as we do from our successes, maybe even more so. But still, the safest and most pleasant way to do it lies in watching and taking note of other people’s actions.

1. A guy got Wednesday tattooed on him. Looks like Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter.

2. “Broke my 3 front teeth bowling on a first date.”

3. “Doing laundry at a hotel...this is the machine next to mine.”

4. “I feel so betrayed.”

5. “This tells a story.”

6. “I lost the unfortunate game of toothpaste or sunscreen.”

7. “Just wanted some sauce on my chicken stick (too much pressure, I presume).”

8. “My new $1,600 TV”

9. “A man walked into the glass door of a restaurant and left a perfect greasy face mark.”

10. “The delivery boy placed the box against the mailbox. I got a refund but lost my appetite.”

11. “He really didn’t mean to.”

12. “Looks like I’m not getting anything done.”

13. “Sometimes you see some really unexpected stuff in a car garage.”

14. “I believe I can fly.”

15. “There’s a purse in my pistachio torte.”

16. “My mischievous 3-year-old put my boiled eggs in the freezer.”

17. “Opened the door to take out the trash. Now I may have to move.”

18. “Well, I found my glasses...”

What do you usually do when nothing seems to go right? What tips have you developed over time? Please share them all with us!


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