15+ Pics That Even Sherlock Holmes Can’t Solve

year ago

When we see confusing photos online, we wonder how these things happened and they really mess with our brains. Sometimes the angles are simply optical illusions that make us think we’re going insane, or it’s just the image’s perspective that makes it extra tricky.

1. “A giant apologizing to a small person”

2. A cat swimming on a carpet

3. “My friend looks like he came out of a horror game.”

4. “I thought a naked mannequin was sitting between them.”

5. “No, this is not cannibalism.”

6. A cute little hair bun

7. “Newly launched cat version, 2 of them share one head.”

8. “I think his pants are a little loose.”

9. A human kid with a doll’s face

10. 2 cat bodies, 1 head

11. 2 colors in one, a good hybrid

12. “Just strolled around and got a perfectly captured perspective.”

13. It’s not chicken, it’s a fried hat.

14. “A yawning cat that somehow looks like a picture of his profile.”

15. “This is the longest I’ve ever seen my shadow.”

16. “Doggo.exe has stopped working.”

17. “This chicken has a few extra feet.”

Preview photo credit y9807047 / Reddit


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