25 Pics Prove That Some Designers Should Think a Little Longer

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Creativity is the key to a successful design, but sloppiness can ruin even the best idea. While all companies want to please their customers, some designers create products in a hurry, without caring much about the end result.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but scratch our heads in confusion when we saw these 25 design fails.

1. “Grab the toilet paper before you use the toilet.”

2. “Chalk with a popsicle color, shape, and even wood handle. What could go wrong giving these to kids?”

3. “The dog is supposed to look like it’s running”

4. “Which floor am I on?”

5. “At least they can’t see your face.”

6. “Rubber duckies that float upside down”

7. “The real estate agent is always watching”

8. “Is there an invisible elevator?”

9. “This sink at my school”

10. “My high school commissioned a bulldog statue! This is the result”

11. “Mouthwatering... hand wash?”

12. “Happy Asstmchri to you all!”

13. “This curb has a curb. Nearly twisted an ankle stepping down it.”

14. “Found this in a store”

15. “I’m 5’4”. Can’t check my makeup in these bathroom mirrors."

16. “Proofread the notebook”

17. “People will never learn to not put faces in corners.”

18. “A measuring scale — but on a non-transparent bottle”

19. “This toothbrush without bristles I found today at the supermarket”

20. “The clock hands don’t glow”

21. “This creepy pizza serving its own kind as food”

22. “My daughter noticed this. Not Milk.”

23. “This bathroom-style car”

24. “Why stamp the expiration date on the bag when you can just mark the bun directly?”

25. “This amazing bed frame”

What’s the weirdest product you’ve ever seen? Did you consider buying it?


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