15 Unnecessary Inventions That Made Us Ask, “Why?”

2 years ago

Whether you’re using pacifiers for your baby or not, we can all agree that one made of 24-carat gold isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. This is the epitome of unnecessary items that we never even thought we could have, even if we wanted to. Or maybe you can be the judge and decide whether you could really use some of the inventions below.

Bright Side wants to express our amazement, considering these 15 unique inventions that we’re not sure are really useful or not.

1. “Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is old news.”

2. “I made a sheath for a single pepperoni.”

3. “Single sausage keeper”

4. “The unnecessary Crocs mascot”

5. “Why is the Allan key so long?”

6. “Don’t tell me that an Oreo dunker isn’t necessary...”

7. “I made a terrifying, life-sized, all-denim Furby from scratch. It was necessary.”

8. “Here’s a paintbrush you can lick people with.”

9. “I made fried egg earrings.”

10. “My pen has an eraser on it.”

11. “My first-ever custom-built chainsaw”

12. “Finally found a twirling spaghetti fork after all these years.”

13. “I made an ear of corn earring for my ear earring.”

14. A hoodie with 2 extra hand hoodies

15. “A much needed infrastructure”

What is the most unnecessary invention you’ve ever happened to stumble upon? Was it something that you would use even once in your lifetime?


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There's unnecessary and then there's these.
You know if they put their minds to something either productive or that benefitted society in Some way / Any way it might actually have been worth the time l spent wasting my time seeing these. 🤢🤮


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