17 People Whose Lucky Stars Ran Out of Power

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Patti Smith once said, “Life is an adventure of our own design intersected by fate and a series of lucky and unlucky accidents.” And while some people believe that they are severely unlucky, the truth is that everyone gets unlucky every once in a while. Sometimes these moments are beyond our control, and some other times, we could’ve prevented them altogether.

1. “This happened on my way to work.”

2. “I just wanted to make a frozen pizza, but the front of the oven decided to explode.”

3. “What I was greeted by this morning at work, first day after Christmas break.”

4. Many women will understand this.

5. “This is the hot tub of the Airbnb, which was the main reason why I rented the spot. Smelled terrible and was obviously not cleaned in forever.”

6. “The entrance to my front door, currently”

7. “Hopefully, you’re having a better day than I am.”

8. “On the plane, the passenger behind me put his stinky foot on my arm rest through the entire flight.”

9. “My lunch today”

10. “Water has been yellow and metallic tasting in our Airbnb for a week now. The owner says they can’t do anything about it.”

11. “Been asking the landlord to investigate the sagging roof in my kitchen for months now, came home to find this tonight.”

12. “A delivery guy forgot to use his handbrake on our steep driveway.”

“His car rolled over the ledge and garden and then fell in front of our living room 3-4 meters down.”

13. “Take a guess which window is mine.”

14. “I just got done grocery shopping and someone egged my windshield.”

15. “Found this in a bargain bin.”

16. “The cat knocked over a gallon of used motor oil and antifreeze on the kitchen counter around midnight (cat is okay).”

17. “I guess my drains froze up. My house is now full of freezing water.”

Did you ever leave your house only to come back and find a catastrophe? If so, what happened and who was to blame?

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tbh is a good job you were paying with your car bc if that rock hit a person, cyclist or a biker they'd be dead.


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