A Bridal Magazine Divides People As It Puts a Hairy Man in a Dress on Its Cover

year ago

An Indian bridal magazine sparked controversy by featuring a non-binary model in a dress on its recent cover. The decision divided readers, with some applauding the bold move while others criticized it.

The English-speaking magazine Brides Today shared 3 digital covers on Instagram, featuring non-binary trans activist and comedian Alok Vaid-Menon modeling different gowns.
They shared that the covers were released ’’in support of the right to love and dignity for all.’’

On one of the 3 covers, Alok is featured wearing a golden dress with a daring neckline that reveals their hairy chest. They also wear red lipstick, eyeliner, and bridal jewelry on their forearms and chests.

On the second cover, the comedian can be seen flaunting a mint green sari that drapes over their body and reveals their midriff. They have accessorized the outfit with a gold hairpiece adorned with multicolored jewels and bold rings.

Moving on to the third cover, Alok is pictured wearing an electric blue and gold 2-piece half lehenga. They paired this with a choker necklace and a floral hair accessory, creating a striking and fashionable look.

And those covers sparked a big debate and divided the opinions of readers. Some praised Alok’s covers, as one fan wrote, ’’You have such an elegant way of seeing things,’’ and another commented, ’’It makes me hopeful and free.’’
While on the other hand, others criticized the bridal magazine for this daring move.

All people radiate beauty and grace as long as they are comfortable in their skin and speak their truth. And we admire those Hollywood celebrities who are proudly coming out and spreading positivity in the world.


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Brides Today did they wanted and I can only salute their courage and their love for everybody ❤


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