15+ People Who Deserve to Have a Better Day

year ago

When nothing goes our way, it’s okay to find some comfort in the thought of a fresh tomorrow. And many people are really thankful for the opportunity to try again. Well, as they say, in the sentence of life, there might be commas. The thing is to not let there be any periods, because it could just be a bad day, not a bad life after all.

1. “I bought my kid a drone for Christmas, but the wife doesn’t love it.”

2. “Yes it’s my fault, I accept that, but don’t do industrial welding in shorts kids.”

3. “Was untying my shoe with an earbud hanging out. It doesn’t work anymore.”

4. “I was running late to the airport and shut the door a bit too hard.”

5. “So here’s why my finger was hurting. I didn’t even know this could happen.”

6. “My dog spilled a cup of coffee I accidentally left out. Came home to a ruined puzzle and these pieces stuck to my table.”

7. “At work and discovered this. I bought these pants, brand new, a month ago.”

8. “Just fell off sitting at my desk.”

9. “Literally buy it once a year. Bring on your wet pants jokes.”

10. “Got stung on the lip by a wasp getting the ole’ Christmas tree out.”

11. “The saltshaker broke mid-shake.”

12. “It’s cute until you notice the poop.”

13. “Bye AirPods.”

14. “For a product that isn’t toothpaste, it’s far too similar to toothpaste.”

15. “My stress ball exploded.”

16. “My son bit the directional pad off the remote.”


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