15 People Who Keep Their Chin Up in Every Circumstance

2 years ago

When everything goes wrong, you have 2 options — to laugh or to cry. It’s better to choose laughter since nothing can get any worse, so why bother shedding tears over something you can’t change. And that’s exactly what these 15 people did.

Bright Side proves that a smile in hard times can be a real remedy for a bad day.

1. “Customer complained I was too slow, I just showed him this and asked if he would like me to go slower.”

2. “Tried to kill a fly with my palm and broke a window. The fly got away.”

3. “I guess I won’t be using that power bank anytime soon.”

4. “I got my car stuck 3 hours after getting my license!”

5. “Slammed the breaks a bit too hard and my Cola spilled. At least it’s contained right?”

6. “At least I can give sweet high 4s.”

7. “First attempt at smoking a brisket — Happy Mother’s Day!”

8. “I got it out of the foil at least.”

9. “Got this wonderful error 10 min before starting my new remote job.”

10. “After a horrible day I saw a double rainbow! Right before I spilled the coffee I bought with the last of my money.”

11. “I spent one hour making this cake. At least I’m sure it’s not too dry.”

12. “Went hiking over the weekend to blow off steam from finals week. Guess who has a presentation today!”

13. “The pillow did not survive the dryer. But at least it’s dry.”

14. “My package finally arrived! I can’t wait to take it home and see what’s inside!”

15. “Thanks to the bike courier, I am now the lucky owner of a vertical pizza.”

How do you deal with accidents? Is it better to laugh them off or let yourself feel negative emotions?

Preview photo credit fuzzyywuzzy / Imgur


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