Prince William Is Allegedly Having an Affair, Everything We Know So Far

3 months ago

Amid swirling rumors around the health of the Princess of Wales and her absence, a new shocking report has surfaced alleging that Prince William is having an affair. Here’s what we know about it and the mystery woman.

Trouble in paradise and secret surgery.

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Rumors of Prince William cheating on Kate have resurfaced after Stephen Colbert brought it up during an episode of The Late Show. He said, «The kingdom has been all fluttered by the seeming disappearance of Kate Middleton... Kate’s absence may be related to... William, having an affair.» He continued, «The other alleged woman is — The Marchioness of Cholmondeley... there have been rumors of an affair since 2019.»

The history of the allegations.


The whispers about Prince William and Rose Hanbury began in April 2019. It was rumored that William might have been unfaithful to Kate, following a reported rift between Kate and Rose. The parties involved have never confirmed these rumors or denied them. Speculation resurfaced when Kate’s post-surgery details were not disclosed.

After leaving the hospital, Kate has been recuperating in private. The palace announced she would not resume royal duties until after Easter. Meanwhile, Rose Hanbury has also stayed silent on the rekindled rumors.

The former model is married to David Cholmondeley and they have three children. Rose’s family has longstanding ties to the royals, with her grandmother serving as a bridesmaid for Queen Elizabeth II and her son participating in King Charles III’s coronation.

In 2019, a tabloid suggested an affair, causing a stir among the elite. Kate’s reaction to William’s public displays and her distancing from Rose hinted at trouble. Reports say Kate confronted William, who dismissed the allegations with a laugh and assurance of innocence.

Fans are not taking the rumors well and have flooded the social media pages of the Royal Family with questions. «Where is KATE?!?!?!» commented a fan among thousands. «I’m sure Diana is not proud of what you’re doing with your life and Kate’s,» added another.

A recent photo shared by Kate became a huge topic of controversy. Check it out here.

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The writer of this article is about as low as it can get. I am so sure this knowledge is NOT true. Give the family a break you malicious trollers!!


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