20 Pics That Prove Ordinary Things Can Surprise Us Again and Again

2 years ago

If we look hard enough we could find interesting and surprising things all around us. Sometimes they hide in plain sight, other times we just have to look at them from a more creative perspective. Whether it’s a gourd that looks like a swan, or a candle wick in the shape of a mushroom, nature’s hidden gems are all there for us to discover and enjoy.

Bright Side loves to fascinate you in every way imaginable, so we strongly believe that these 20 pics will do just that and more.

1. “This gourd looks like a swan.”

2. “Had a second surprise litter. Momma was going insane until I picked this guy up. Had to revive him but he’s back!”

3. “This bird looks like it has human lips.”

4. “My rotting Goomba pumpkin looks more like Goomba now than it did when it was freshly carved.”

5. “I was making hard-boiled eggs and one of them broke, and it looks like a baby sleeping in his bed.”

6. “A rock that looks like an elephant.”

7. “This bird that looks like Danny DeVito.”

8. “The sediment from this chemical reaction looks like a marshy forest.”

9. “The paint peeling on this building kind of looks like the head of a lion.”

10. “My rug looks like a giant version of my napkin.”

11. “This stack of towels and rolls looks like Cookie Monster.”

12. “This cloud looks like a farting squirrel.”

13. “This chip in my window looks a bit like a cat.”

14. “Burnt egg looks like a skeleton.”

15. “Just realized this picture I took looks like a silhouette of the Grinch.”

16. “These barriers look like they are in the final stages of a very close foot race.”

17. “My painter dad making the soup looking like Edvard Munch’s ’The Scream’.”

18. “Some mornings, for just a few minutes, my warehouse window looks like a painting.”

19. “This boiled egg that exploded while cooking and looks like a snail.”

20. “The wick of my candle looks like a mushroom or a tree.”

Have you ever taken a picture of something that looks anything but ordinary? We would love to have our minds blown even more, so please show us!

Preview photo credit shenAnnagins11 / reddit


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