21 Times People Saw Something That Totally Made Their Day

2 years ago

When we’re having a rough day, there’s always someone who can brighten it with the sweetest acts of kindness. A little brother grows up to become his big brother’s best man, a son overcomes his fears and invites his mom to a school dance, or a wife indulges her hubby on their wedding day — Internet users have captured some priceless moments that will make our hearts flutter.

We at Bright Side have compiled photos that prove a special moment can go a long way.

1. “Twin burritos! My husband and our newborn son, sleeping in the hospital”

2. “I almost cried when I saw this homeless man out in the rain.”

3. “My daughter was born 10 weeks premature. Today, she let us know she’s ready to rock.”

4. “My grandmother turned 100 last October. This is her doing the plank for 30 seconds.”

5. “My daughter donated her hair today.”

6. “My dad texted me telling me he was proud of the woman I’ve grown up to be. The next day, I showed up to the house like this.”

7. “I love The Avengers. My wife tolerates it, and me.”

8. “Lost my husband suddenly 6 months ago, lost my cat last week. Today my neighbor brought me this baby girl.”

9. “The legend continues: my mom with me as a baby, and adult-me with my baby!”

10. “My girlfriend sent me this pic of my dog when I was having a tough day at work.”

11. “My 5-year-old niece got a hold of the remote while I wasn’t looking.”

12. “My husband tried to make my daughter a birthday cake. I can see the similarities.”

13. “I came out when I was 14, and my parents weren’t thrilled. Last night, 21 years later, I saw this ornament on their tree.

14. “THIS is happiness: my husband and our cat, Momo.”

15. “My first-ever dance with my sweet son who felt confident enough to go. Hopefully, this is the first of many.”

16. “My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights, and he instantly regretted it.”

17. “My kids inherited my childhood toys, and only my daughter wants to play with ’dolls.’ Action Man is now living the sweet life.”

18. “#2 has arrived and #1 loves her already.”

19. “My grandma sent me this photo while she was watching my daughter. Reminds me of a Russian doll!”

20. “My mom would freak if this photo was made into a drawing. ’Mother/son’ moment commemorated!”

21. “I’m a big brother with big brothers and sisters. Here is the first day I met my little brother and the day he served as my best man.”

Which of these photos put a smile on your face? Do you have your own special moments captured in photos? Feel free to share them with us.

Preview photo credit ChickHearnsGhost/ Imgur


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