20 Moving Images That Can Touch the Core of Countless Hearts

2 years ago

Every once in a while we come across a soul-stirring story that evokes powerful emotions in us. Whether it’s an animal rescue or the heartwarming bond between a granddad and his grandchild, these moments are worthy to be shared with the world. It’s especially touching when they’re captured in a photo and you get to see the expressions in those who were a key element in these kind actions.

Bright Side compiled here pics that might bring you to shed a few tears.

1. “My boyfriend surprised me with a kitten.”

2. “My doggy died of cancer and my cat misses him.”

3. “A granddaughter loves on grandma after she received news of terminal brain cancer. A child’s love is always so pure!”

4. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls together for the first time. They’re a month old today.”

5. “I found a baby bunny and my dog wants to keep it.”

6. “60 years of marriage, he never leaves her side.”

7. “Our son gets to finally come home after spending a month in the NICU after he was born.”

8. “My mom and my best boy saying their goodbyes — a dog’s love and connection is so pure.”

9. “We finally met our goal weight! My 25-lb baby!”

10. “My childhood hero, Tony Hawk, got the privilege of meeting my adult hero today, my son, Odin.”

11. “My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at 7 months pregnant, started chemo 7 weeks ago, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy early this morning!”

12. “My wife and her pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper.”

13. “Saved a cracked egg! Carried it in my bra for 35 days. Surprised he didn’t die.”

14. “A homeless man in Las Vegas who carries his dog on his back everywhere he goes”

15. “My 92-year-old dad tells car stories to my son.”

16. “My son comforting his best friend at the vet”

17. “I was told since I was 25 that I couldn’t have kids. At 40 years old, I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day with the best baby ever!”

18. “Our cat had a rough day and came to my boyfriend for comfort.”

19. “Saved a tiny deer from a swift rapid while kayaking.”

20. “My wedding ring on my daughter’s arm (1lb, 12 oz) — born at 26 weeks.”

Which of the stories above made your heart skip a beat? What is the moment from your life that you will always remember?

Preview photo credit himynameisanna / Reddit


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