18 Times People Received a Huge Smile From the Universe

2 years ago

Sometimes life decides to amaze us with happy coincidences that can truly make our day a bit brighter. Even if it might seem too good to be true that your friend group perfectly matches the colors of the rainbow or the lighting of the cave you’re exploring resembles your dog, you still can’t help but smile when these things happen.

We at Bright Side are excited to share 18 lucky coincidences with you that happened to people.

1. “Asked my sister if she’s seen any lions in South Africa lion refuge.”

2. “The lighting through the Golden Cathedral Arch strangely resembles my dog”

3. “Went to Walmart. Parked next to a horse.”

4. “This 11 lb mushroom from my parents’ backyard”

5. “The book I am reading has handwritten notes from the 17th century.”

6. “My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels.”

7. “Cleaning out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca-Cola screwdriver set.”

8. “It sprouted what appears to be the tiniest orchid I’ve ever seen.”

9. “Walked into my hotel room in Turkey and found this on my bed.”

10. “I found 7 four-leaf clovers in 2 days.”

11. “Found this mushroom with its cute baby mushroom on top.”

12. “A customer paid with this coin from 1901.”

13. “My neighborhood has a white squirrel.”

14. “Found old book, found old money.”

15. “Our group’s colors happened to cover the full spectrum of the rainbow.”

16. “This morning I found by far the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life.”

17. “A buck decided to lay down by my university’s library windows”

18. “Stumbled upon Nicolas Cage in an old family album.”

“This was taken on the set of The Boy in Blue. There’s nothing written on the back of the photograph but the whole photo album consists of my relative and other (mainly background) actors in costume hanging out on set.” — WustashurSus/reddit

When was the last time you received a smile from the universe? In what form did it arrive? Share your lucky coincidences and unexpected findings with us in the comment section below!

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The 5th is the book is the sole property of the Half blood Prince 😂😆😂😂😂


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