15+ Times People Saw Something That Tickled Their Funny Bone

2 years ago

The world around us doesn’t stop bringing us newer and newer reasons to smile. And if you haven’t found anything funny around you, there’s always plenty of people who can share all of the moments that make them giggle a lot. Moments like sneaky pets asking for petting and attention, charming kitties turned into real dragons by a mere click on a cell, or incredibly creative children finding their way to new discoveries.

We at Bright Side have found some of these funny creatures captured on camera, who gave us many radiant smiles, and now we want to share all of these emotions with you. Take a look.

1. “My cat wants attention.”

2. Catzilla!

3. “My little boy slept through the night for the first time.”

4. “I was killed by lasers.”

5. “I bought my dad this rubber duck. Now it goes everywhere with him while dad pretends to be a tough guy on his Kawasaki.”

6. The more effort you put in, the crazier you look in a picture.

7. “My friend, the day she was born, together with her nurse.”

8. “I tried putting up a net so my dog couldn’t get to the front seat. The results were... well...”

9. “She decided the watercolors were ‘makeup.’ God help me when she discovers YouTube makeup tutorials.”

10. “He put his head where I normally rest my arm and wouldn’t move when I put it back.”

11. Big bird is watching you.

12. “So close.”

13. You shall not pass!

14. “Summer fun.”

15. “Her bed got moved to clean the room, I guess she did the best she could.”

16. “That’s a toy, not real wasabi.”

17. “Born with sticky feet.”

18. “OMG snacks!”

How do you like these pictures? Which one of them has made you smile more broadly than ever? Do you have any bright photos of your own? Please share them in the comments.

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