How Disney Characters Would Live If They Were Teleported Into Our World

4 years ago

Have you ever wondered how many Disney characters there are? One internet user went through a list and counted as many as 176 of them. The list has probably grown longer by now, but the question is — how well would they would perform in our modern world. Andhika Muksin decided to express his vision on Instagram and photoshopped Disney characters right on to planet Earth in 2018.

We at Bright Side had a lovely time looking at Snow White and Mulan coping with everyday situations — and invite you to share the pleasure!

1. Beauty and The Beast: the Dothraki version

2. We wonder if Harry and Megan would enjoy a breath of fresh salty air?

3. Beauty is looking for a seat on her way home.

4. “I was sure I put my little red dress in there yesterday...”

5. Pretty little liars... Oops, Disney princesses!

6. When your carriage is out of order — you take the subway!

7. “Everyone’s here? Great! Then it’s selfie time, girls!”

8. Life gets so much better once you’re walking in the right shoes...

9. That awkward moment when your carpet’s being dry cleaned...

10. Casually taking a princess to school.

11. “Why have we never gone to this Coachella thing before? It’s so fun!”

12. “Just look at Snow White’s outfit! I didn’t dare to wear these things at her age...”

13. A honeymoon holiday a princess would never have dreamed of.

14. Makeup tip #236: Go big on brows to distract from a big nose.

15. Met Gala Disney style: making Rihanna jealous.

16. Instagram challenge #FallingStars at its finest.

17. Prince Charming caught red-handed while dreaming of the love of his life.

18. Take that Ursula, these are the voices you can’t steal!

19. A jungle fighter vs A Chinese warrior: who’s gonna win?

20. And this is it?! My palace has seen better cocktail parties!

Just as we thought: Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, and Co. are faced with too many challenges around here! “Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world” indeed. They’re better off in their fairytale fantasies which we can turn to when we’re in need of romance and hope.

Do you like the idea of putting Disney characters into our reality? Share what you think in the comments!


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